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Pilates in Farnham & Haslemere, Surrey

2018 Term Dates

Tue 9 Jan - Thu 8 Feb
Tue 20 Feb - Thu 29 Mar
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Pilates makes me very aware of my body, improves my posture and helps with my ballet. It's also very calming!
Georgina W

Precision Pilates has improved my posture and I definitely feel more toned and flexible, still room for improvement though! Even better, this improvement has been commented on by friends and family - very encouraging.
Jean G

I feel Pilates is helping to keep the aging body from falling apart!
Morys D

... and there is plenty more Pilates happy candy on the official testimonials page!
Welcome to Precision Pilates

Precision Pilates provides Pilates classes and private tuition suitable for complete beginners through to advanced studentsCall Nick on 01428 606817 or 07886 636016.
Classes and tuition are offered in and around Farnham and Haslemere in Surrey.

Being able to move well is essential to our health. But our lifestyles get in the way, favouring less and less movement from a smaller overall repertoire of movements. Through this lack we develop muscular imbalances that may cause aches and pains or lead to injury.

Through Pilates, you re-learn movement and body awareness in a way that helps tackle this unnecessary deterioration, improving the way you move, stand, sit and feel - many of today’s key lifestyle failings:

  • Bad posture puts unnecessary strain on your body – not just muscles but bones and all those internal squidgy bits too! Your body stops working efficiently, can lock up and then starts hurting. Improved alignment and posture will give you more energy, less pain and be noticed by others.
  • Reduced mobility can be a one-way street towards tiny shuffling steps, an expensive collection of avante garde zimmer frames or being chair-bound. Keeping fully mobile and having the strength to control it not only feels great now but also helps later too.
  • Improved core strength opens the door to more challenging tasks that require greater strength and mobility.  From standing or sitting for long periods to gardening and more demanding tasks and sports, you will be comfortable doing it for longer with a fitter core.
  • A mind body connection is essential for intelligent exercising – directing the action and responding to how it feels. You cannot train the nervous system to develop effectively whilst reading a magazine and watching the big screen. As you learn to feel how and what you are doing, your control, coordination and balance develop.
The list of benefits goes on:
  • improve your fitness, core strength and posture;
  • recover more quickly and safely from an injury or operation;
  • relax, release tension and feel great;
  • learn to move more efficiently;
  • the experience to listen to your body and know what to do with what you feel.
Classes or personal sessions provide you with:
  • the discipline of having to exercise on a regular basis – the benefits above don’t fall off trees onto the deserving once a year (sorry!);
  • a continually changing program of exercises that progresses at a challenging and yet appropriate pace;
  • someone to watch how you move, correcting your specific bad habits and mistakes whilst noticing and encouraging progress – that doesn’t happen on DVDs very often nowadays!

Nick Oakley-Bowen is a Matwork Master Teacher who qualified through Body Control Pilates® to teach matwork to the advanced level. He has completed over 12 years of teaching Pilates and runs Precision Pilates.

Training is important! The training, lectures, supervised teaching, personal study and exams required by Body Control to qualify as an instructor are comprehensive and take MONTHS to complete. Being examined and qualifying as a Matwork Master Teacher with honours requires many further hours of practice and tuition. This drive for my own personal development has also deepened my knowledge of the Pilates method and understanding of movement and has enabled me to help and develop the potential of each client by focussing on their specific needs, even in the class environment.

If you want the best insight into great Pilates, make sure
 your teacher has had fantastic training and keeps getting more.


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